Over the years, a number of plans have been submitted to provide permanent athletic facilities on the campus. Here are some previously published designs:

1. Memorial Stadium (circa 1921)

Present site: Rafik B. Hariri Hall
37th and 0 Streets, N.W.

Proposed: ~1925
Turf: Grass
Capacity: 25,000


The most ambitious of Georgetown's athletics plans of the 1920's involved the construction of a 25,000 seat amphitheater for football games and a 7,000 seat gymnasium modeled on The Palestra in Philadelphia. Neither were funded. (Photo Credit: Georgetown College Journal)

2. Multi-Sport Facility (2001)

Present site: Multi-Sport Field
37th and 0 Streets, N.W.

Turf: SuperTurf
Capacity: 4,500

One of the first published designs for the MSF, described in the 2002 football media guide as "the most significant undertaking in the history of Georgetown Athletics."

2. Multi-Sport Facility (2002)




A variation on the above design provided for a dedicated press box and sample drawings of the fan entrance and club seating were also circulated.

2. Multi-Sport Facility (2003)



One design, perhaps based on the one above, remains the most visually appealing, even if the cost wasn't.

2. Multi-Sport Facility (2004)



The 2004 football media guide announced this design had been approved by the Georgetown board of directors.

2. Multi-Sport Facility (2008)






Another revision to the MSF was published online in 2008, dropping the double-deck seating and "Gothic portals" previously proposed and considering simple bleachers instead of dedicated seating.